'Equaliser was a Wonderful Finish' – Rodgers' FULL Post-Match Press Conference | LFC 3-3 LCFC

Brendan Rodgers has spoken to the press following his sides’ defeat on penalties to Liverpool at Anfield. The loss saw Leicester crash out of the Carabao Cup at the Quarter-Final stage.

Here’s what the Foxes’ Boss had to say…

00:00 – Match summary & where it went wrong for Leicester ‘So disappointing’
01:10 – The equaliser was ‘a wonderful finish’
02:05 – Jamie Vardy injury and general injury update
02:50 – Luke Thomas performance
03:30 – Back 5 potentially inviting unnecessary pressure for Leicester
05:20 – Konate Challenge & ‘poor refereeing’
06:25 – Leicester initial shape and plan to break Liverpool’s press
07:25 – Rodgers’ views on going back to 5 substitutes

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39 opiniones en “'Equaliser was a Wonderful Finish' – Rodgers' FULL Post-Match Press Conference | LFC 3-3 LCFC”

  1. You could have worse guys than Brendan return in a few years , Klopp is a once in a lifetime management experience but BR was treated badly last time

  2. Lifelong LFC fan here, i must say i absolutely loved Brendan as our gaffer – fantastic manager tactically technically and always presents himself really well, he was treated harshly by FSG and he also had to work under that old transfer committee (something that klopp insisted he had full control over before agreeing to come to LFC) – done amazing with Leicester, won a cup and consistent in the league.. their fans should really appreciate what a great manager they have at Leicester, hes done his job well with their budgets.

  3. Never changes brendon talks the talk. , he was playing liverpools reserves. .. 10 changes. He is what he is a nearly man …. I am so glad we got rid of him. And got a real top manager in klopp in …I hope the mancs get brendon in. To continue there decline

  4. Brendon’s delaying tactics and phoned injuries that cost them the game. Created more extra time. From the first corner in the beginning of the second half they began wasting time.

  5. What an awful club Leicester are, the fans are utter horrid, the tactics were to lump it forward and shoot from distance, the play acting, the time wasting, which in the end made them lose as 6 minutes were added on and when the equaliser was scored, Scmeichel and the rest of this awful lot were so unprofessional especially during the penalties, all of this is down to “can only win things at Celtic” Rogers, glad they lost

  6. 3:31 Yes Brendan by taking off Leicester's most hard working midfielder you gave up any control of the midfield and invited pressure onto Leicester's makeshift defence. That cost you the game Brendan.

  7. Good job Brendan. What a thrilling game that was. LFC were lucky not to concede 4th one from Jamie Vardy as he hit the post.

  8. Such a passive aggressive moaner. Acts like he's a nice guy whilst softly acting the victim. I much prefer people like Tuchel or Klopp who say what they mean

  9. So yeah it was a bad desicion to go to 5 at the back at 3 :2 and try and hold onto it because Liverpool got their equaliser and won the tie.

  10. Rogers must deep down miss that Liverpool atmosphere,what a second half turnaround,just fantastic comeback,so near so far for rogers and Leicester,YNWA

  11. As a LFC fan I always found Rodgers frustrating when he was at LFC, coming out with excuses, 3-1 up against a make shift side, they should have seen the game out, Leicester fans must be livid.

  12. I'm a Liverpool fan but respect you big time…you're a proper gentleman and human. Bad luck for losing the game tonight…could've gone either way.

  13. he moans about the injuries he picked up during the game….at least his team was at full strength with a 10 day rest, we had mostly kids and we where without VVD, tiago, salah, mane, fabinho, trent, robbo, allison, matip….no excuse, the atmosphere got to them.

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